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Originally Posted by hnaz View Post
Hey Guys, he found his car... oddly enough look what was stolen out of it... since the expansion tank and radiator had no coolant in it, I guess he is getting a new engine and only pay a small deductible.

This smells very fishy to me...

I don't want to put words in anyone's mouths, but judge for yourselves.
oh yeah this reeks of an inside job

OP leaves a key under the seat conveniently with the window ajar so that the "thief" can grab a tank of fuel, a useless OEM tool kit and a 6 disk changer... yet leave the precious engine and differential and body panels unmolested. I'll believe that when me sh!t turns purple and smells like rainbow sherbet.

Originally Posted by Los View Post
^He's been drinking beer and destroying pumpkins with brake rotors and sledge hammers.

So, pretty much just doing man stuff.
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