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Intermittent car battery drain problem NEED HELP

Right.. Ive been having this problem for a while and havent come to a conclusion yet.. And the reason me posting here is im hoping one of you out there can help me and put my mind back to peace.

Right, so i used to start off with a dead car battery on random occasions when the car has been left for a few hours... It happened first time.. Jump started all was ok.. Hapened again a few days later, jump started all ok again... I then decided to replace the battery to a higher spec.. This lasted fine for a week and a half and died again

This happens to me once a week atleast.. So i took it to the auto electrician.. Checked the drain on the battery.. There was no drain.. It was at 0.03A.. This lasted fine for about a week after and something drained the battery within 8 hours while my car was parked while i was working.

Just to let you know, i also have a car voltage checker and its running at 13.8-14v while emgine is running, so battery seems to be charging fine.

So it happened again today and i bought the car home.. Put all the latches on (doors and boot) and waited 30 mins for car to go into sleep mode.. Current was at 0.34A.. So something was drawing the current (also noticed a spark when connecting the multimeter between cable and battery)

I pulled out the first fuse which was for the horn when i did a diagnostic check a while back which dropped the current to normal.. This time i pulled the second fuse and this dropped the current to normal.. Seems like pulling any fuse will kill off the current draw?.. Once killed i cant get the current draw back as its intermittent.

Im at this stage now and i really dont know what to do and its causing me so much hastle.. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!

Btw i drive a 2005 bmw 318i m sport convertible (e46)
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