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Originally Posted by captainaudio View Post
I don't think that GM, in their wildest dreams, expected the ATS to outsell or sell even come close to selling as well as the 3 Series in the first few years of production. If the ATS is well received it will gradually gain market share.

A lot of the threads about brands that compete with BMW have a lot of preconceptions. You will see "A Mustang can't go around corners in spite of the fact that on the track they are very competitive with, and sometimes faster than an M3.

Many people choose a car brand because the way other people perceive them (or more accurately the way THEY perceive that other people perceive them) is very important to them. In the general scheme of things choosing a product based on who else you think owns that product is rather silly, but to a certain point we all do that.

I remember seeing a show on television a few years ago where there were a group of people who were taste testing vodka. Before the test they asked the participants what their favorite vodka brand was and most named Grey Goose. When the participants were aware of the brand they were tasting Grey Goose won the taste test. When they repeated the test and they did not know what brand they were tasting Grey Goose was far down on the list behind several far less expensive brands.

Nicely said, CA! It's going to take some time for the ATS to gather a following but I'm sure once it does, it'll be the new 'cool' thing to have for the younger buyers that Cadillac is targeting. Believe it or not CA, McDonalds Coffee was rated as #1 in a blind taste test over Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. It just goes to show how a brand can play with peoples minds.
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