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Originally Posted by MySatinDoll View Post
Again I apologize for my response.
Truth is (this is stateside only), the m20b25 is sort of the red headed stepchild of the e34 model. Only second to the m60b30.
Across the pond they have other variants which never arrived on our shores.
Our friends over there may have more to speak of when it comes to not well desired models.

However back to topic.
The m20b25 like it's bigger brother m30b35 can be upgraded in certain areas where they would be more lively.
The basics usually are air filter, coil replacement, plug wires, exhaust changes, etc.
From there a routine valve adjustment and injector replacement (for efficency not performance) are options.

E30/ M20 specific. You can swap heads and blocks.
885 Head (1987-up m20 Head iirc) on a Eta block (1983-1986 m20 block iirc) = a mildly stroked m20

Simply put if your looking for more power and reliability.
You have a decent choice of engine. But its in the wrong chassis to gain any benefit.

IMO do the basics. don't get wild with it. Save your cash and either buy a used m30b35 with 5spd manual trans
to swap in (which aren't expensive or extremely hard to install )or save up for a 525 with a m50 in it.
Well you see, this is my first car, and me being a currently jobless high school student I never dream of this being a race car. I just love to work on it, and see how I can improve it. I spend nearly all my money on it actually. I do plan on changing cars in the future, hopefully staying in the BMW family. As for now though, I just have to work with what I have, and make it perform as well as I possibly can.

So, if I were going to swap out my injectors, what might you suggest?
Year: 1990
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