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Originally Posted by Microtesties View Post
Well you see, this is my first car, and me being a currently jobless high school student I never dream of this being a race car. I just love to work on it, and see how I can improve it. I spend nearly all my money on it actually. I do plan on changing cars in the future, hopefully staying in the BMW family. As for now though, I just have to work with what I have, and make it perform as well as I possibly can.

So, if I were going to swap out my injectors, what might you suggest?
I wish there was a better way to say it but welcome to BMW ownership.
These cars will tap the everliving crap out of your bank account if your careful or not.

That said
R&R and/ or Update all the routine maintenance stuff.
Coil, plug wires, sparkplugs, fluids, filters, distributor cap, rotor button, FPR, etc.

I wouldn't bother dropping coin on injectors unless used and updated version of what's already in the engine.


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