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Originally Posted by 5kidsandawife View Post
Hello everyone. I have a question I hope someone can steer me in the right direction. I have a 1985 325e that I am in the process of bringing back to life. One of the things I am stuck on is: when I bought the car the brake pedal will pump up, but then it slowly goes down to a hard pedal. I thought maybe it had a bad booster so I replaced it. Same thing happened. Next I checked the clutch master cylinder and it was leaking a small amount. Bought a new one and a new slave cylinder, put it all back together and it still won't hold the brake pedal up. I did also put all new disc pads front and rear and did bleed the brakes. I checked around the master cylinder and all 4 wheels and nothing is leaking. My reservoir has never gone down on the fluid level, telling me there is no fluid leak. Any ideas on where to turn now? Thanks in advance.
replace the lines

This e30 is now being parted out. NO body panels are for sale, bumpers/fenders/hood/mirrors/valance or front turn signals. Everything else is up for grabs. Euro grills/cluster are sold, suspension/brakes/LSD/rear tails are already spoken for.
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