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Can't answer all your questions but see below for some...

Originally Posted by Madracer2013 View Post
I am going to purchase my third BMW soon. I have decided to dive into the deep end and go for the 2013 M3.

This is my first post on Bimmer Forum so I appreciate your patience.

Questions: 1. My other Bmw's have had run flats. I am getting the competition package and there are no run flats. How well do the tires hold up? I have never had a flat with the run flats. I am concerned about not having a spare.

Never had run flats on any of my BMW's but have never had an outright flat in three BMW's I've owned. Had a nail in one of my M3 tires but it was not leaking so I was able to drive to the dealer. There are kits available that will give you a donut spare in the trunk.

2. I am looking at European pickup and I understand that the 2013 M3 will be built until October of 2013. I am planning on a mid July pick up in Munich. Is this information accurate?

Will have to have others confirm but pretty sure the E92 (coupe) stops production before the E93 ('vert). Had in my head the coupe stops production around June/July with the vert production stopping in Oct. Better get in touch with a dealer quick as allocations are getting tight!

3. I have always had a manual. I love my 135 Coupe and I just cannot imagine an automatic transmission. Thoughts and feedback on manual vs the double clutch 7 speed.

Drove stick for more than 20 years but love the DCT on my M3. If you are hard-core stick driver you should probably stick with the stick! Sorry about the bad pun...

4.I also plan on sticking with the carbon fiber roof and not going with a moon roof. Feedback on this?

Small weight savings, some additional headroom. If you track the car you'll have a little room for helmet with the CF roof if needed... Looks great though IMO better on some colors than others. For example the roof gets a bit lost on a black car. Part of the appeal is the contrast you get with white, space gray or red.

5. Any other information that is important for me to know right now.

As I noted above, if you don't have an order in you had better start shopping around for a production slot. There are several highly regarded dealers on this and other forums who can provide more info. Good luck!

Thanks for your feedback. I am glad there is a forum like this for my questions.

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