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highway steering stability

Took my '12 X-3 35XDrive in today for its first oil change, exactly one year after purchase. also complained a second time about steering being very much out of control. of course, it actually felt pretty normal today?? maybe because all the highways from here to the dealer are new and smooth. They could find nothing wrong. no fault codes, no software updates available, no service bulletins, and they even checked something called the "Round Table". Never heard of that before. But they performed a steering start up and relearned the steering stops and reset the steering angle. Their words on the ticket, not mine. Got back in the car and it feels much better!! feel is a little vague at center, but immediately gets some weight to it off center. the car tracked well on the way home, feeling much more BMW-like. and for some reason, it seemed to coast forever. My son is in the car tonight and reports back that he thinks it is vastly improved. So I am not totally sure what has happened, but it seems to be good. more later if i find out anything else. 12,447 miles. oh, i and i get another oil change in 3200 miles? once a year AND when the service indicator calls for it.
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