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I want to buy BMW 528i or 535i too but I didn't buy it because I didn't like the way BMW trying to make money or profit by adding a lot of options I don't want (i.e heat seat, sideview camera, parking sensor, etc...) and missing out options I really want (i.e premium hifi sound). Image a premium $60K-$70K car that doesn't even come with backup camera or premium sound as standard! Therefore I don't thnk BMW could sell a lot of those cars like they said, I did some research and found out that BMW inflated the sell numbers by selling the cars to dealers at low cost so the dealers could use those cars as demo or re-sell later. BMW even delayed the sale number announcement until Mercedes announced the sale number so BMW could announced higher number! BMW wanted to re-claim the "number 1 cars sold" to make people think BMW is cool car so people would buy more BMW.

You can google "BMW inflated sale number" to see more news!

I live in the Eastbay California and travel San Jose a lot, I see a few people driving F10 (2012-2013 5 series) since it was out in 2011/2012, but I barely see any F30 (2012 3 series) during 2012 on the street!

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