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If you are holding any RIMM shares do not sell in panic, Shorts will be desperate and will try anything to cover. They do this all the time with Natural gas. It was reported few weeks ago by the trader on the floor. They put fake sale orders using high frequency trading systems and that will panic people like us and we will be left with no share, they will cover and make even more.

Just asking to be careful and not be fooled by these manipulators, depending on your portfolio, position and strategy sell some but just give it some thoughts instead of panic.

A fine panic manipulation example was on Dec 20, 2012 after hour. Big shorts sold 20M+ shares in 20 minutes. Then their media arms spread the fear that evening and next morning to cause a big drop in share price.

Do not fall for the big short manipulation.

They had tried in on the Facebook event. Big shorts tried to Pin-the-Donkey on the FB/RIMM for the share rise. They had hold when there was no announcement, they do a manipulation. I tried desperately to tell everyone, there is no FB/RIMM announcement on the message board.

Now, they tried to mis-inform calling Lenovo a buyout instead of what it is - a potential Strategic Partnership.

With your RIMM stock, there will a bear raid for sure, with this many shares shorted. They can wipe all your shares off the board in 60 seconds.

For those of you unfamiliar with a bear raid, the hedge funds that decide they want to cover their short positions, instigate a quick large SELL "at Market" move. They make it big enough to catch the first batch of Stop Losses set, and that triggers a domino effect of automatic Sells that plummet the pps.

A moment later, they do a massive BUY "at Market" move and buy up all your shares. You will be left with no shares, and they will have a huge purchase as a cheap price. Within 5 minutes, the price will be back to what it was, and you will be scratching your head.