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Hi guys, thanks for your replies.

What modules are you referring to which i can check for any heat?

And the way im measuring the current is disconnecting the negative lead of the battery and then connecting a multimeter in between measuring current.. I noticed there was a spark as soon as i made the connection, i guess this shows alot of current is flowing.

You say pull a fuse and then measure the current and see what makes the biggest difference? Could you clarify this abit more please?

The problem is that the drain is not always there.. It seems to be after a week for example.. I caught the drain yesterday and it was at 340ma.. But, when i disconnecting any fuse, it seemed to drop the current to 10ma.. I plugged the fuse back in, and the drain stayed off and it stayed at 10ma... I was also able to start my car this morning as the drain was killer last night.

What can cause the drain in which pulling any fuse will stop it? Very confused'
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