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Originally Posted by Frank Rizzo View Post
Good call on hiring a pro. I hired some guys to do our master shower tile. Im getting too old for all that bending and stooping.

Ive done 10k sq. ft. of floor tile in my life and I can tell when a weekend warrior or DIY did it themselves. It really kills the value of the house IMHO. It's not the grout joints - any chowderhead can get those straight with's usually that the tiles are not level with each other. And with a running bond type of joint like you have, even .5mm off will show up and especially after it has been swiffered a few times and the dirt has built up along the little dam.

Ping me you need any advice. I forgot more than Mike Holmes knows....
Thanks my man! And so true about the level of the tile. As I watched then laying the quick set, I realized that's where the experience also pays off huge. With them being staggered, any F up would be obvious. And like you said, after several mops and swifferings, the true beauty is now visible.
So currently I'm installing curtains and walnut colored 2" blinds in this room and adjoining kitchen. Next up... I have 3 boxes of furniture to tackle and put together. Followed by re-wiring my home theater. Sectional is being built with an ETA middle or late February (that was the most difficult thing to decide on).
Did I mention replacing the carpet throughout? And the d u s t!!!!
Stay tuned...

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