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Originally Posted by bodonx View Post
I test drove M5 yesterday. My current ride is 535i with ACS springs.

This is my mini review. This is only my opinion and not trying to offend M5 owners.

POSITIVE (From best to good)
  1. DCT is the best part of M5 over regular F10. It's very quick yet smooth. Even if you try, you cannot make it jerk. It's light years ahead of our 8AT.
  2. Suspension: M5 suspension feels very stable and solid (not floaty) compared to my ACS equipped F10. There's no body roll. The ride is actually better. I think it's due to PSS tires are much more comfortable than RFT. Come on BMW, why do you need to install RFT?
  3. Power: Although most people love the power. For me, having big power on the straight line does not mean that important for me. This is like AMG in the past. Just big power, not much excitement. Past legendary M cars were about delivering driving experience no other couldn't mimic.

NEGATIVE (from most critical to least critical)

  1. The steering is dead. Even older non-M 5-series had more feel than this one. Changing the steering setting only makes it heavier. Sometimes there's fake feel coming from the steering which feels more like random vibration. I don't get why BMW messed it up when they have achieved a steering perfection in E39/E30/E36/E46 era.
  2. Weight: even with great handling, you can feel the car weight. You won't be able to feel the tossable feel that older M5 had over its competitors
  3. Interior: the one I drove doesn't have full leather. It makes the car feel the same as regular 5-series. I think BMW has oversold "M" brand with msport on all cars. Older M userd to have special interior pieces that made them special such as steering wheel, special stitching, M logos, etc.


If you MUST have one car, M5 is the best choice. It is very comfortable as family/business car, it is pretty excited as a "sport" car.

For $100k, I'd prefer to get 528 and used M3. Current M3 gives 9 out of 10 driving excitement. Whereas F10 M5 only give 7 out 10 driving excitement. It's hard to explain what's missing. Current F10 M5 does not give me goose bumps like when I drove older M cars (even with less power < 400 hp).
Check this out. Seems like many others here in the states may have the same feeling about a $100k F10 M5.
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