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Originally Posted by cwinter View Post
That's standard with these cars. That is where the "x" comes in. It's eXciting to drive on four slicks on everyday roads. Get with the program!

(Sorry to hear your car is taking so long to fix. Rentals sure ain't no fun. When my car had clutch issues some time back, they got me in the shop really quickly but could not provide a BMW loaner. I had a Ford Focus for a week. Boy, spending a month in one of these types of cars when you know your much better car is at the shop sure is a pain! Good luck with the ongoing repairs!)
Man, I had the focus first, and it broke the second day I had it, changed to a Charger - what a barge POS. The Charger affair was over in a day, went back to Enterprise, they had the Infiniti on the lot, and I was told:
"we just changed the tires on it, so you might get a low tire pressure light just ignore it it will go away", I just went outside, looked at the shinny (they did go through a trouble shining those slicks up), stuck a penny, it barely covered "We" above the Lincoln head, went back to the office and handed the penny off to the Enterprise guy and told him he can keep the penny too. After that, they put me into a Mazda 6.
I'd tell you in the tight steering department it was the closest to the Bimmer, too bad they changed oil in it and forgot to put the cap back on, so the burning oil smell prompted me to return that, and get the Corolla
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