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Originally Posted by nospam View Post
Large items that require the seats to be folded down would require you to remove the spare
Nospam, Some good arguments against switching tires and for carrying around a spare that takes up valuable cargo space. Your note that you'd have to remove the spare, to carry more cargo, should give anyone pause. The big "what if": if you were to have a flat in one of those non-RFT tires and you didn't have the spare, you're pretty much stuck, right?

IMHO, I'm ok with the stock tires, they ride fine and grip the road well. The odds of getting a flat are miniscule. I've driven over 40 years now and have had only ONE flat tire in all that time. For those who wish to switch, well first there's the cost of buying 4 new tires, plus the spare. Plus cost of mounting. Then you have to carry that spare. I don't know, but will tire shops take the RFT in trade, perhaps compensating you, a discount on new tires? Seems like a whole bunch of trouble for little gain. Vince.
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