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Originally Posted by jahathaway View Post
Over the past weekend, someone walking by my car in the early morning hours decided to take a brick and do some stipple work on my passenger side rear door and then they took the brick to the other side, hit the driver's side rear door window and finally, after smashing the brick against the metal window separator, broke out the driver's side rear vent window.
I am not sure if they were trying to steal it, but this was the one night I didnt put the club on the steering wheel.
What makes this worse for me is that when I called the insurance company, I was told my insurance had termed about a week prior [related to a lost debit card being reissued and me not giving them the new info]

Now I need to get things fixed. Richmond BMW estimated $550 for just replacing that rear vent glass, also telling me that is the most expensive glass to replace AND if I ever needed to break my own glass, to not break that one.

Has anyone had this happen to them and are there any repair recommendations out there.
I have insurance now, but I dont think I can get assistance from them.
You should consider yourself lucky. My daughter T boned a Chrysler Convertible with expired insurance. The State Trooper pulled her plates on the spot and had her car towed. She had to go to court, got a hefty fine, her license suspended and got sued by the other driver. Got all that straightened out but couldn't find anybody to insure her. She finally got insurance from "the company of last resort" but pays $300.00 a month on a 11 year old Toyota. She's now in the process of filing bankruptcy over the damage to the Chrysler.

The general rule is that fixed, glued in, windows are always the most expensive to replace. So if you ever need to knock one out make sure it's one that rolls down.

Don't waste your time with the club. Thieves will just cut your steering wheel with a hack saw, spring it and slide the club right off. Then they'll use the club as a lever to break the steering wheel lock.

Any glass shop can replace the glass but I suspect they'll all charge about the same.
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