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How do i reset the active steering system? AND since this is an optional extra can't i just switch it off and not use it?
Im picking up my car from them tomorrow morning. Problem is im scared if i leave it off overnight the battery wont have juice the next morning.

Originally, i got a red signal: low battery. Normally this would be in the morning when the car was cold. After about 10 minutes the warning would go away and everything would be normal. after two weeks of first occurence, i drove the car (warming it for only 5 minutes), got a few errors like active steering malfunction. Assuming this was due to the battery i pulled over, like i used to before, swtiched off the car and tried to switch it back on. Since the car was cold, the battery hadnt charged properly and the car wouldnt turn on. Had the car towed to bmw when they replaced the battery and programmed.

a week later i left the country and came back after a month. Similar issues when i got back. Got it towed again to them when they told me it was the alternator. Got a new alternator. Now again im facing issues.

You are quite right. It's quite possible that my alternator didn't go bad at all. here's my theory: The control unit or wtv drained the battery overnight, in the morning when i switched it on the battery was low, after warming it the alternator would charge it and everything would be fine. SO perhaps i didnt need anythign but this control unit fix.

Anything i can do about it at this point?
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