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I did replace the CCV valves last night. The new ones I got did not have the nipples on the covers for the vent hoses. So I reused the old caps with new springs and diaphragms. I just now went out and started it up. I pulled the hoses off all 3 spots. That had no effect on the engine. Then I capped the nipple on the intake hose and the idle did lower. Now, I'm not sure if it was because of the engine just warming up and the idle lowering or not. I couldn't replicate that effect by pulling the cap back off. I inspected the hoses once I pulled them off and didn't notice any obvious cracks or tears. But you never know. Also didn't notice any cracks in the old diaphragms either.
I now put the new caps on that don't have the nipples on them, but just the little vent hole and have left the cap on the intake nipple. I've read somewhere before that this is supposedly an ok setup. Anyways, going to go test drive it now and see what/if any difference.
I've also read where maybe the IAT sensor could bring up the code I have posssibly. Where is that located?
Thanks for all the help so far!
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