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Picked her up today and I gotta admit, the new HPFP gives a noticeable punch to throttle response. Power is just there all the time. No more lag and, quite frankly, a much more enjoyable ride.

I am not technically inclined when it comes to cars (I am aware of a lot of things but don't go into detail), but I am pretty observant and attuned to how a vehicle "feels." When I picked up the GT in Munich, I didnt think any of it when the response was lagging because it more than made up for it once I opened it up. It had a sweet ride. Now with this change-a-roo with the new HPFP, its an even sweeter ride. I would suggest anyone who remotely thinks they may have lag to have their SA do a courtesy check of the Fuel delivery system in case the HPFP is not up to snuff.

Attaching a couple of the work order pages with the notes from the tech and repairs performed to correct the malfunction.

Hope this helps someone else in the future.


2012 535i GT ED 1/9/2012

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