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Originally Posted by Sportsdad View Post
Hey, roughly how far do you need to be from teh OTA source? We're a good 30 miles from the nearest broadcast tower as far as I know...I'd like nothing better than poopcan Dish TV and go back to 5 or 6 OTA basic channels when the kids go off to college.
I'm farther than that and my antenna is not even outdoors. I can pull unwanted standard def channels across state lines from Arizona. I get more foreign channels in more languages than you can imagine, and one of the best looking ones I have ever seen is the Mexican soap opera channel. My first impression is that it was almost bluray quality.

Anyway, why wait? I've a friend who didn't know about OTA until I told him, he didn't even realize he wasn't getting HD on his box until he got OTA with HD. He tried $20-30 antennae from BB, Target, Rat Shack, and maybe more and thought the one from Target worked best, it wasn't even the most expensive. My point is that it might cost you only $20 for the antenna, less than that for the coax if you don't already have one laying around, and you can always compare the signals for say when you're hosting the Superbowl, Final Four, Olympics, etc. If your dish ever fails you, you have a secondary source for the meanwhile.

Use this to find what channels you can bring in for a general idea. When you save your unique profile, so that you can share with others, it will hide your address btw.
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