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Originally Posted by paperplane94 View Post
Keep using the hair dryer and drive around in a hot place for a while. The foam is thick and you really need to air it out to prevent mildew. Use a wooden stick to hold up the carpet to let it air out.

The reverse lights staying on are the result of a bad/frayed wires at the trunk arm leading to the trunk lid.
Remove the cover on the trunk lid arm and take a look at the wires there. You will more than likely find your problem. It can be fixed with butt splice connectors.

The door open warning is due to a bad switch in the b-pillar door catch. If you look at the catch there is a black switch on it that may be loose. Try driving around with the switch taped closed. If that doesn't work it might be the wiring. See this:

One more thing. If the leak comes back again(mine did) use some of that green weed wacker/trimmer line, like this:
Thanks paper plane, how do you mean "use a wooden stick"? Do you mean actually get under the carpet and lodge a stick under it? How is the best way to get under the carpet ti do this?

luckily I changed the fuse for the reverse lights ( even though it wasn't blown) and that actually fixed the reverse light issues.

For the "door open" warning I will look into that tonight.

Funnily enough I bought the weed wacker line as a backup in case the electric eel didn't work.
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