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Time to change tires on 2001 330xi --- help needed

Hi guys,

Have been running Fuzion HRi 215/45/17s for 4 years. Have been great tires, but recently had an unfixable flat in on driver's front tire - the sidewall was shredded. Not sure from what, but they do have a fair amount of mileage on them. The front right tire also has an area where it looks like it may have been rubbed against a parking curb --- it's my mom's old car and she's not the best driver in the world, lol!

Anyways, I live in SW Colorado, generally have to deal with some snow and ice on the roads during the winter. I don't want to buy winter-only tires if I can avoid it, so I have my choices narrowed to some All-Season type tires. I;d like feedback on the choices if time permits. So here goes:

Goodyear Eagle RSA 215/50/17
Michelin Primacy MXV4
Continental Pure Contact
Fuzion HRi

Those are the ones that are at the top of my list; my spare is an RSA, have good experience with Fuzion, and the Primacy and Pure Contact have gotten outstanding reviews.

Let me know what you think!
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