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Originally Posted by 08 335Ci View Post
What you'll probably have to do is make the payment and talk with your insurance company. They'll negotiate for you. If your insurance has a 'loss of use' clause, you're set.

Insurance companies don't want to go to court unless they have to, especially if they're going to loose. An example: My wife was stopped for traffic trying to enter the local interstate when she was rear ended. The shoulder strap fractured her clavical so she was out of work for a bit. Rather then facing a lawsuit, the at fault's insurance paid for the work she missed AND all the overtime she missed! She also got pain and suffering tacked on.

You don't have to sign off until you're satisfied.
The thing is the insurance companies, neither mine nor the party at fault, doesn't want anything to do with. I originally went through my insurance to get the car on the road ASAP, and I am paying for rental coverage on my insurance ($30/day) and I still have to struggle trying to recover my out of pocket w/ a lousy carolla.
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