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Originally Posted by mr_bean View Post
I would agree that anything non-OEM comes with too many trade offs. But, OEM gets REALLY expensive when you consider the price of the headlight units, level sensors, headlight washers (required by law with HID lights) and labor for coding that's involved. Personally, I don't think it's worth it regardless of which avenue you take. But that's just me.
You do know that BMW's come without winter package do not have headlight washers on them, its not required by law.

To the OP I can not say for sure if this would work as I never took my head lights apart on my E90. On my E39 replacing the stock Halogen to OEM Xenon was a matter of removing an adapter on the headlight harness. While my automatic height adjusters did not work on the car because it did not have the computer and sensor needed for them. I did however manually adjusted the headlights to the correct level. The E90 xenon headlights are also adjustable as well, this I know because I did have to adjusted mine after a very very big pothole miss aligned my headlight.

I will advise that I did have to take my car E39 in to have the computer coded because I would get a bulb out warning on my dash (the headlights still worked). Most BMW indy's can take care of this for you.

I am not sure how much help this was but maybe you can start looking at connectors on the back of headlights, or even maybe buy a used set and see if they fit and if they work. Worst case you resell the units and get your money back.

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