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Originally Posted by Pcolravey View Post
Further investigation revealed - get this - a hole in the intake manifold. Never heard of such a thing. Not sure of the additional cost.

I would like some feedback on this one.

1) Unless your dealer has a good rep or you have a good rep with your dealer, I would not assume that you are getting quality service advice from the dealer service department, especially considering their labor rates. I would strongly suggest seeking a second opinion from an indy with a good rep. That CCV system update should've cost you nearly half of what you paid at the dealer.

2) Re: Intake manifold - while not impossible, I would be very suspect of this diagnosis. I can easily see a "hole" in the intake bellows (~3" diameter rubber hose that supplies air from the filter to the throttle body) as being a likely culprit and/or a "hole" in the valve cover/valve cover gasket as being likely but a hole in the intake manifold? - I call BS. One of the methods of replacing the CCV system involves removing the intake manifold so if there is a "hole" in the manifold, they likely caused it. Most mechanics choose to scrape knuckles/use colorful language to replace the CCV system without removing the manifold.

3) Ask them to clarify where the "hole" is and how it was diagnosed. If they're calling it based on a SES code only (e.g. bank 1&2 lean condition), that is not good enough. The only real diagnosis is a visual inspection of the entire intake system with or without a smoke test.

4) Reread 1) above and seek the advice of a trusted indy if you think your getting hosed by the stealer.

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