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Originally Posted by FredoinSF View Post
Have you had any interest or anyone show up to look at the car. Selling a car that age at that price as a private party is tough cuz you need someone with cash or pre arranged financing and if don't own it free and clear it makes it that much more difficult.

If I were selling the car I would give less details about the recent work you've done and how long you've had the car. Makes it sound like a fire sale on a troublesome car. Just say it has a warranty and get into details when the prospective buyer asks. Also you list it as 9 out 10 interior (according to who?) but there is clearly side bolster wear and not just a little of it so that I not a 9 interior. Red flag to me if I were to go look at it.

Overall looks like a nice car. The right buyer will come but this is not a car for the average Joe.
Thanks for the info. No "fire sale" here just got my eyes on something else and time to move this car. I've sold dozens of cars threw forums and ebay over the years.

I been out of town for the last two weeks and only had the car listed on the forums for maybe about a month or so. I was holding back with the ebay auction because i thought i would give someone of the forums a great deal but i guess thats not the case here. I've received several offers and three people came to check it out all of which love the car but it all comes down to who can provide the capital as you said. As for the details i've listed, thats how i sell cars. Im 100% upfront with people when it come to selling autos because i would never want anyone to say "i never said", i list it all for the public to see and leave nothing unsaid.

I know what I'm selling and the value and i'm not dieing to sell the vehicle just that i would really like to move it and get into a 997 911 for some track day fun, i still have my E46 M3 race car but really want the 911 already. I know this is not the car for everyone especially with the manual transmission (if it was auto several interested parties would have been purchased) but the right buyer will come a long and will be totally happy with the car, price and the extended warranty. I was offered $22K but will not go a dollar below $23k at best because i seen people selling similar for thousands more with much, much more milage.

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