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Originally Posted by ZeGerman View Post
Replacing the heater core is extremely time consuming. You basically have to remove most of the dashboard.

That said, the next thing I should say is do NOT use any form of stop leak. Those products cause all sorts of problems. In addition to maybe (but probably not) clogging the leak itself, they also clog the rest of the cooling system. Very bad, not unlike clogged arteries of a person. You don't want that stuff inside the cooling jackets of your engine and elsewhere.

Secondly, just because you're getting a whiff of coolant when you turn on the heater, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's due to the heater core. If there is only a little coolant leak under the hood, the blower motor will suck it into the cabin for you to smell. So it's hard to say where your leak is coming from. It could be the heater core (especially if accompanied by wet footwells near the heater box and a persistent oily residue on the inside of the windows), but it could also very likely be some other cooling component under the hood. Either way, you have a leak which must be fixed. Time to start looking around with a flashlight.

That confirms what I thought... The passenger side carpets were in fact wet when I got the car but so was everything else... PO had shampooed the entire interior... but the passenger side carpet stayed wet a whole lot longer than the rest, which makes me suspicious a bit. Since I dried everything it didn't seem to come back though.

I guess carrying coolant in the trunk until the weather gets better isn't so bad, and maybe I can try to take advantage of the season and park it on top of some nice fresh snow overnight (freezing rain today so not tonight), then back away in the morning to get a bit of insight whether it's leaking anything, and approximately where it's dripping.

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