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Actually that's what I liked about the LED replacements, there is no wiring anymore. Back in the day it was always a complex wiring process to get them to work. But the manufacturers have gotten on the ball, and made enough money to actually BUY a BMW to test. Or any other car for that matter. Back when the LED thing first hit we used to hard wire and cut harness, solder in resisters, and heat shrink wrap to seal, now it's literally plug and play. I didn't even need the adapter that came with it, no error, no hassles. I definitely feel your pain though, Back in the early 90s I used to make my own LED boards, and that was a major pain, but worth it because I was one of few people that had them. I used to only buy Porsche, and most Porsche has a positive ground for the bulbs, I remember the first tutorial I did on how to make a board got horrible reviews because people didn't build them for Porsche, so naturally they didn't work. This of course turned a LOT of people off of LED lighting. Luckily back then it was the days of dial up internet and a "forum" wasn't like this, we had text based displays of very confusing lines of comments. We have China now, and they can build anything we want for next to nothing. I upgrade everything to LED if it can be done. My house runs on LED lighting (1 regular light bulb is the same amount of wattage I use for my entire down stairs). I sell LED headlights for cars, but haven't tried them in anything I own yet since everything is HID now, but if I buy a car with standard lighting, it's SOO getting some LED headlights.
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