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Originally Posted by Sophisto View Post
Allthough little put forward in this forum, there is a change going on in the world.
Even in the USA there are more people now than a decade ago that are aware of the consumption of petrol and the effects of that on cars.
This means people make their purchase decision of a car also with the fuel consumpion in mind.
Besides that, it seems that sport car driving on public roads is not what it used to be.
Ask Stealth about his counter measures, things that were not needed when I was younger.
You simply can not drive an M5 the way it is build for on European roads without ending up in serious problems with the speed limiting autourities.
This is not about just a couple of fines, but about loosing your drivers license.
So there is price, consumption, owners cost and only slight usabillity that will have a negative effect on sport saloon sales numbers as for the M5.
Very true. Believe it or not, it is the same over here, with TWO slight differences - one good and one bad.

Good one: this place is HUGE when compared to anything in Europe, even rural France seems like a city compared to this. That means cops have no way to control or patrol the roads so they concentrate to ones with most targets. Excellent development for drivers because who wants to drive (I mean really drive) on the roads with other cars anyway?

Bad one: if you can find a road in Europe with almost certainty there will be no cops on it, you can have at it without being worried that you might
a) get shot at through a truck window
b) get police called on you
c) suffer road rage from idiots who have no clue how to drive on a road with corners
Here, you have to worry about those things. You cannot really pass on most two-lane roads because only 1 km or more of a straight counts as "safe" for passing in this country and you better believe that you will enrage people if you pass them on a full line. Even when you pass on dotted line, you better be very careful how you do it because people might perceive your move as threatening, aggressive, driving too fast, unsafe, encroaching their space on the road or simply just generally making them uncomfortable. And they don't like that. What they DO like, though, is making their problems somebody else's problem - in this case their problem is not having a slightest clue how to drive, but they will make it yours if they can.

So, here's the question - why the eff would anybody buy any ///M car in this country? Yet, US seems to be the biggest market for them ...

Truth be told, I now believe I was stupid to buy a lowly 335i - WAY too much car to drive in this country.

But chear up! Things will get worse in the coming future, so get one now, while it is still possible!!
This is very true and might remain the ONLY reason to do something even more stupid than getting N55 3 series and keep it in US. Oh, decisions, decisions ...

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