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Right so this morning my car battery was dead (again).. I jump started it and then took the long drive to work..40 mins..

Once arriving at work, i turned the car off.. I removed the fuse for the blower and heater (to rule out the fsu).. Also my hid's and sideligts were the only thing non standard on the car.. So i unplugged these aswell.. Took a few minutes to do.. Went to check the voltage on the battery and it was 12.54v.. Great..

8 hours later went back to the car and the voltage was 12.4.. So i tried starting the car... Wouldnt turn over again!... Checked the voltage and it dropped to 12.34 after i tried turning it over.. Jump started, drove home (20 mins) and left the boot open but shut the hatch so car went to sleep.. Disconnected negative lead on battery after 20 mins and pit the multimeter in line.. After a few mins it was sitting atound 0.83amps... Way too high!.. It was only me therefore i couldnt pull any fuses and watch current drop.. 3 hours later.. Now at 8pm.. Car is dead! Will not start.. I have officially had enough and will take the train to work tommorow!
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