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Originally Posted by JoeFromPA View Post
All DI engines to one extent or another have carbon build-up issues on the intake side. Driving style and oil choice impacts the build-up, because build-up is a result of two things
I bought my 2008535xi in Aug 2012. I became fixated on the MPH meter and kept my foot light on the accelerator. Yeah I ran it hard occasionally but that wasted gas.

So now at 49,000 miles I had a walnut blasting session and wow the performance is much better.

So I propose the gas milage I save by driving easy is lost with one $575 walnut blasting session. Leading to the thought process of have fun and drive this magnificent beast hard cuz you ain't saving money driving real easy to improve MPH

Not worrying about MPG I started to use the 6 speed shifter and really enjoy the sound of that high compression engine responding. 7 Grand is the place to be!!!! I hope other new owners don't have to learn the same lesson. Drive it hard.

I never had a car this nice. I haven't come close to its performance limits.

I could go on and on and on and........
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