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I had a hell of a time with the rims/wheels/ tires, see we had a 1998 540i for our then 15 y/o as his first car and to get him use to the car. We bought the rims for that car. After my husband and brother in law received a ticket(strike1) and then at 2am received a call at work from the highway patrol, that "everything was fine but we have your son and his friends but we don't want to leave your car parked on the side of the highway, we clocked them at 103mph) well that was strike 2 and I had enough. I said "those rims will look real good on my car" so I sold the car and put the rims on my car, with bigger tires. The tire shop put them on not realizing that they were off set or hub centric. They sent me home with new tires and a god awful shake, I returned it several times (switched the tires around cause they werent on right) then finally called the place I bought them from and they told me what I needed to buy. Finally got it right, I believe they were plastic. The rims I bought off eBay from a place in NJ? NY? I thought it was called Rims4less? I know they probley aren't the best. Should I buy different hub centric rings??
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