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Originally Posted by wjjklj View Post
Hello everyone - I want to introduce myself as a new F01 owner. I have owned a E65 (2004 745i) for about 5 years now and have been an active member on that forum.

I bought a 2009 BMW 750i with 16K miles on it. It is a sport model with Black Sapphire exterior and Black Nasca leather interior. I pick it up at the end of the week and will post pictures when I get it.

I have searched so far and have not seen much on a few topics of interest...probably because everyone is still within warranty.

2) What are you all using to upgrade the look of your angel eyes to a white color matching HID lights? I used Mtecs on my E65.

There really is no solution to that unfortunately. With the LEDs they're way too dim in direct sunlight, you can't even tell they're on. Be aware of a vendor on here that bumps his own threads, but customer pictures have shown his product is nothing more than a very poor product.

On the other hand you have HIDs, but you take a risk that there could be damage to the rings from the added heat from those bulbs. Some have had issues with their outer rings yellowing and/or fading. Some have not, I personally had the AlpineMSS kit installed by Alex (the guy who sells them) himself. I did not have any issues nor did my AEs fade, but I'm looking to get out of my lease to upgrade so I had pulled them out and reverted my car to stock.

Perhaps now that more lease returns are going onto the used market we'll see some more interest. I would guess that the bulk of people who are currently leasing a new 10-12 MY aren't really concerned with it - or have even noticed it. (See old farts)
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