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Originally Posted by SFbay View Post
Cool you could take the adaptor out without removing the pan??? Really??
Well, then start learning what mechatronik adapter is, mechatronik sleeve is not removable without dropping the pan bc it has a clip you have to pull down in order to release the sleeve!!! Mechatronik adapter is between valve body and tranny pump.
So what did you take out??? A connector I guess??
Go to realoem and start learning, it's never too late
I'll give you a 1000$ if you remove adapter without dropping the valve body))
I'll get it out for $1000

It just might be in pieces.

For anyone reading this in the future, let's get this straight:

Below is the mechatronics seal adapter. It goes between the oil pump and valve body. It cannot be seen without completely removing the mechatronics/valve assembly. It does not commonly fail, and you will not lose any fluid if it does, but your transmission will do weird things (at best). It should be replaced any time the valve body is removed from the transmission, as even a small leak here can have huge consequences.

Now, below is the mechatronics SLEEVE that everyone has trouble with (old and new, seals have changed). This can be seen outside of the transmission when the wiring harness is removed. It keeps fluid in the transmission while letting the electrical connectors through. The second picture is where it actually ends up in the car (valve body/mechatronics is removed obviously). Third is how it looks with electrical connector still connected

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