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Originally Posted by bedstuyguy86 View Post
I feel what you are saying on being up front about what you are selling. I'm the same way. Keep at it, the right buyer will come. Only suggestion would be to drop the ratings for interior and exterior. You have photos up. They can see the condition of the car and some buyers may look negatively on you if they don't think your ratings stack up to what they see in the photos. I've been selling my 6 for a few months and its tough to find the right buyer. Sadly, alot of buyers don't realize the subtle nuances of a well maintained car and are looking to lowball. With 6ers you will find, now more then ever, alot of potential buyers who want the cheap option because they are buying way out of their means. They usually gravitate towards the ridiculously underpriced 6er which will no doubt give them issues with ownership.
Thanks for the advice, you're right about everything you said also. Advice taken and action taken.
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