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I cannot do the subs until after my shoulder surgery, fix a PS leak, sunroof rear drain & the headliner. THEN about that time my daughter will be born. So in June or so I will worry about low end. I already have the amps, etc. Just cannot lift it all. When & if I feel up to it, I will do it.

I also still have my Suburban project to finish.

Right now I have the rear deck plastic sitting on my dining room table. This stuff is easy for me I just have a hard time right now due to a severely degraded left shoulder, but my son helps me most of the time. Putting in the deck subs just because I want to. Considering I had to take the old ones out because they sounded absolutely horrible(have to remove the plastic to disconnect the harness at the back). Having to reglue the fabric, c-pillars, headliner etc it is only an extra hour to cut plastic. I have nothing but time right now. Better get it all done before the baby is born

Obviously not earth shattering, but anything is better then speakers just making noise because they are blown & cannot move.
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