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Originally Posted by mryakanisachoad View Post
Finally: you should never pay a premium for building the car you want. I suppose some sales people might try to give the impression that you need to pay a premium to do so but that's just a sales trick. Building a car is fun - like being a 5 year old waiting for Christmas morning!
I agree with this poster 10000%.

OP, Ordering a car gives you a great deal of negotiating power, not less. Since you aren't taking something off the lot, nothing prevents you from going to any dealer within 100 miles of you (or really anywhere if you are willing to travel for a good deal).

I've custom built my last six cars, and it is a ton of fun...and just like Christmas/birthday rolled up in to one. You also don't pay for any options you don't want.

WARNING: Author not responsible for the readers failure to recognize sarcasm.
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