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No one knows for sure. The next X1 will be based on the UKL platform, same as the Mini Countryman. Rumors have been going around from the change happening anywhere from MY2015 to MY2017. BMW often sticks to a 7-9 year model line and the E84 platform came out in 2009 and is only 5 years old. BMW has ended productions cycles early on some models so you just never know. We do know that BMW had talked to media about the change starting almost a year ago which is earlier than they usually would talk about things from what I've seen.

The UKL is designed around FWD and adding AWD will use a different axle power design so the X1 will likely lose it's rear wheel biast that many people go to BMW for. It's also likely you won't see a 6 cylinder engine in the UKL platform. My guess is you'll see xDrive28i and xDrive20i but that's just my guess.

There are also quite a few renders of the new body style posted around, the long hood is lost and it really looks like a ponatic vibe. But they get more cabin room with a shorter vehicle.

One thing to note, the X1 is built in the same factory as the 1 series and to-be i-series. One thought is maybe the X1 is getting changed early so the plant isn't changing the X1 model to the new platform at the same time the i-series production line is being created, but just my speculation.

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