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Digital speedometer problem?

This is not about the 3-4mph difference a lot of people ask about.

Alright I was reading the manual and was adjusting the digital display and checking service times etc when I found the digital speedometer!

I proceeded to take the car for a test drive and my digital meter reads totally wrong. it seems to count up around .4 mph at a time. its not a slow lag like one sees with gps systems. It litterally was at the point where I was going 50mph and it read around 26. It would also continue to climbs some times as decelerated.

My brain is slightly foggy so i will have confirm but i dont think this is an average mph because when I came to a stop I believe it did eventually ride back down to zero.

Is this something wrong with the computer or am I looking at something like an average speed vs actual? (it was also mph not kph if that means anything and this is a 2010 328i for reference)

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