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Originally Posted by yahtzee5 View Post
Sorry, no. It's an extended warranty that actually covers more (battery for example) than the BMW warranty). It's not an official BMW warranty but I've used it and the process was excellent.
I would love to see what this covers for $399. How long is the coverage? If BMW is charging upwards of 5K for a 100K/7 year warranty and this company charges $399 but covers "more" than BMW warranty, I am missing something BIG here?

When I was researching extended for my 05 Audi allroad , I did quite a lot of reading on 3rd party's vs OEM. And while there are 3rd party companys that provide good coverage and are on solid financial footing, costs were often right up there with the OEM from Audi. I saved maybe $500 on an extended. I used it for the suspension airbags and a couple minor things which cost about 2K to fix IIRC. The warranty cost me 3K and I sold it with the car and got 1K for it. It had a cashout value at that point of $950, so I came out ahead $50.
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