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Originally Posted by Hornedfrog1969 View Post
the B800 SRS is the "very specific tool" you are refering to. The aribag light can only be reset through the port under the hood and not the OBD connector.
I'm aware that the Z4 is listed as a model that the tool works with, but if you read the reviews, someone posted that they bought it and the tool would not reset the light on his 2003 Z4 (what I quoted). The tool may be able to reset the light, but others haven't had success with it on the Z4. If the OP is able to reset it, I might buy one myself My reasoning for removing the passenger seat was measure resistance changes in the weight sensor with and without passenger. I've created a circuit that replaces the weight sensor in the passenger seat, allowing the user to manually turn on or off the side airbags and avoid an airbag light when using aftermarket seats. It would be nice to be able to see if it works without fear of having to go back to the dealer again to fix the light.

My point (and I think we both agree with it) is that a general code reader will not reset the light, and neither will unplugging the battery for 20 minutes. The airbag light is a different beast, and the non-Ebay reset tools I've seen for sale run upwards of $600. There is software available for $30 or so that will fix the light. Despite what the manufacturer claims, I would be inclined to question the tool's ability to reset the light before moving to the conclusion that a problem is persistent.

Where do you go from here?

1. Find someone that has gotten the tool to work on the Z4. If they have, then you have an ongoing problem that needs attention.

2. Go to an independent mechanic that has an airbag reset tool and see if they are able to reset it.

3. Go by the dealer. Ask them how many times the fault has appeared, and ask them to reset the light. Don't have them do any additional work for you. I've had my airbag fault light come on 3 times - once after the driver's door was taken apart by a body shop to fix a window regulator; again after I jump-started the car; and finally after I took out the passenger seat. With the jump-starting incident, the dealer recommended thousands of dollars in parts and labor. I asked how many times the fault had appeared, and the SA said only once. I told him I'd take my chances, and it never reappeared until I took out the passenger seat several years later.

4. Check Zpost and buy the software and USB cable they recommend.
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