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Originally Posted by RambleJ View Post
Wow!! That's some hardcore rain man math.. Sorry but our cars are not pushing 340 at the crank.
Rain man was right on. He was very good at math. So basically, by saying it is rain man math, you agree.

But based in your second sentence, I think you meant to say that it was Duh-bya math.

At any rate, K-A is probably right, but perhaps a bit high if you consider the 5er has an 8 speed gearbox. What matters is the total area under the HP curve from start to finish (I'm trying not to use math here). With the 8 speed gearbox, you stay at the top of the curve a bit more so you end up with more total under-the-curve area by the end of the run compared to say, the GT. So there is *some* benefit to the 8 speed gearbox (maybe it's 10-15 HP benefit or something; to know would require using math and I'm many years removed from that ).

But even if you assume a super efficient 15% drive train loss, then 277 RWHP puts it over the 300 @crank HP claimed by BMW (about 326 HP, to be more specific, which would probably be enough to get the vehicle to 100 trap with the 8 speed gearbox).


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