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Originally Posted by apw2607 View Post
LEDs have all sorts of benefits. They weigh less. They don't dissipate as much heat.
That's true in general, but high-powered LEDs are still somewhat inefficient and very sensitive to high temperatures so they still require a lot of heat-dissipating hardware (heatsinks and even fans, like people already pointed), which adds in extra weight and bulk, so the difference is not very significant.

Originally Posted by apw2607 View Post
The led will last longer.
Theoretically - yes, however a lot depends on build quality of LEDs and their circuitry... We have LED traffic lights everywhere, I've seen plenty of them become defective after a year or so... Also, replacing full LED assembly (with multiple LEDs) can be much more costly than old-fashioned lightbulbs. Try and look at Audi forums how much the LED headlights cost to replace out-of-warranty, you'll be surprised.

Originally Posted by apw2607 View Post
They are the future and in time all cars will have full LED headlamps.
Yes, they most likely will be in all future cars, BUT there's currently no NEED for full LED headlights at all in gasoline-powered cars (where their efficiency is basically irrelevant) aside from "cosmetic" effects They may last longer than xenon headlamps BUT you're paying up to $2000 for this option right now, you'll probably spend less than that on xenon lightbulbs (unless you have a defective ballast/bulb) over the lifetime of your car

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