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Originally Posted by 08 335Ci View Post
Sounds like you have a lizzard for your insurance ...

Good luck.
Right on the money!

Originally Posted by Zeaken View Post
Alright I am in the insurance industry so let me offer a little insight.

You are collecting under your own policy and thus are subject to the limits of your policy. in your case you opted for $30 a day rental coverage and thus you can be reimbursed up to that limit regardless of style vehicle. If that does not afford the BMW rental i'm sorry. look up some rates for those classes of car and ask your agent how much it will cost to get those limits and then make your own choices for the future.

Your other option is to go back to the other party and explain whats going on, tell them you want to get a comparable vehicle to the one you are driving and ask them if they will cover it (specifically say your looking to rent say a bmw not go by class). if they approve it then your golden and just wait for the reimbursement.

As for grounds of going to court over this and doing more then wasting more time and money? I would probably buy some scratch offs first.

In summery, always read your insurance contract and when in doubt, ask your agent.
Thank you! I have cleared it up, so basically I went back to my insurance, and asked them what would they think a comparable rental would be for my car - luxury class was suggested, and I went with it - the Enterprise office I contacted had a few BMW's in the class available, and I got an X5 at the luxury insurance rate of $65 a day ($30 is covered by my insurance, $35 is out my own pocket).
My insurance extended their "gratitude" by providing a courtesy to try to get me reimbursed for out of pocket expenses on the rental when they go into litigation with the other insurance company - it is a non-fault to me accident.

Originally Posted by usaret View Post
I agree 100%. Sure the rental isn't a BMW but it is reliable transportation. Worrying about stuff like this is hard on ones psyche and not worth it.
Sorry to sound too rude but you can go piss in the corner - I pay a premium on my own choosing for the car in this particular class, it wasn't my idea to get into an accident and create this headache for myself, I don't know why you think I should settle for less.

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