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I voted for auto sport, but I'm still trying to convince myself it's better than my old 540i6spd. There's just something I miss about being connected to the car with both feet. My left foot is very bored and just kinda hangs out with nothing to do when I'm driving my automatic. It needs purpose, not a foot rest.

However, as much as I like my old manual... if you're going to have an auto, the ZF is the best trans made for any car less than 75k. It's the cleanest, fastest shifting transmission you'll find.

This Summer I drove (over 1100 miles) up the PCH from Santa Barbara through northern Oregon and couldn't have been happier using my paddles. Shifts from 2 to 3, back and forth were a breeze. It's quick shifting gives you the time to focus on driving, not which gear I need to slam it into, or forget to find. Everything is at your finger tips. Even when not using the sport shifting, it finds the right gear.

Now if I had an M5, that's a much different story, there's no way in hell I'd take an auto. That's just plain crazy.

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