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Originally Posted by halltristan View Post
Not to be a jerk but in the future you should avoid anything on the road that looks wet. I've never had a problem with black ice; I don't really understand how people wreck from it when it's do easy to avoid.

Good luck with the car.
That looks wet? Lol it was nighttime in the work lot and they lack proper lighting on the BLACKTOP exit strip. I slid entering the last corner. I wasn't going but 20-25 mph, simply couldn't stop.
Originally Posted by new_kid View Post
Sorry to hear of your misfortune.

But if they totaled the vehicle maybe you can turn it around to your benefit. If there are no car payments and since you know the all-around damage, buy back the salvage (cheap) and repair it with good used parts, drive for a while and save your funds to buy another someday.
I was thinking that that would be a viable option. But to replace the airbags would still be incredibly expensive =\. And I'm not entirely sure I'd want to trust my life to my own DIY airbag repacking. Lol not sure how safe of a DIY that is.

Dreaming of the ///M.

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