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Coding the hitch harness

Originally Posted by PAX5 View Post
Very interesting. Extremely informative. Nice job, Daryl.

BTW, there is been no mention of this so far, but a properly installed tow hitch requires coding in order for the car to recognize the installation AND for the rear camera to work properly (nice feature BTW)! This would be a significant EXTRA cost for those that have their local dealer do it (will they even code an aftermarket installation???). It would be nice if the Invisihitch can offer a solution to this as well, e.g. coding instructions using free available software ...?

Please count me in on the group buy.

Thanks PAX. As to the willingness of dealers to do the coding, I know of only one BMW dealer nationwide who has refused to code the vehicle to add the OEM hitch harness merely because the hitch beam was the invisihitch and not the dealer's hitch. All other BMW dealers have been happy to do the coding. Some dealers even install our invisihitch instead of BMWNA's hitch because their customers are happier with it. So in general you will find that we do quite well with BMW dealers. Many are aware that we are a BMW supplier outside of North America.

If you don't want to utilize your dealer for the installation and/or coding, many independent BMW service centers have the coding equipment and may be a less expensive alternative to your dealer.

As for DIY coding, yes, you can add the AHM Unit option yourself if you have the requisite knowledge, software, and cable. I will have to give some thought to whether a company who is a supplier to BMW should be providing such instructions. In the meantime, I want to offer one caution to the DIY coders for adding the hitch option: If other modules are not brought up to the latest revision before you add the hitch option, you MAY end up with non-functioning brake lights on the trailer. We have not identified which out-of-date module causes the fault, so you may or may not be fine by coding the hitch module without bringing everything up to date first. If you do experience the problem, all other trailer lights and all the advanced functions of the harness will work properly, and so you may get a false impression that the coding was successful, but the trailer's brake lights will not be working and you will get no dash alert of the fault. So please check your trailer brake lights after coding. It is an easy thing to miss since everything else will work and checking the brake lights requires two people. So please check your brake lights with the trailer attached after coding! (Actually, it's not a bad idea to perform this check even if a service tech coded your vehicle for the hitch module. Every once in a while a tech may take a shortcut).

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