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How about Novillo Leather?

I know that this link has been quiet for awhile now but I have a question regarding my Novillo leather in my 2013 M3. Novillo, to my understanding, is Spanish for calf. A previous post from 2009, TOGWT suspected that this leather was dyed and not likely treated with urethane. Here is TOGWT's post...

"" Premium Package with Novillo Extended leather: $3,100 (dealer price=$1830)

I would think for this price it would be Analine (non-polyurathane covered) leather

Natural leather (A-Aniline / Non-Coated) Aniline Leather is colored all the way through with a transparent dye. The effect is applied by immersing the leather in a dye bath. Because the finish is transparent and shows the natural markings of the leather, only top quality hides can be used. It has a random shade colors and grain pattern; lightly scratch the surface to see if it reveals a lighter color, water drops will darken its color (temporarily).

I would recommend Leather Master's water-based products for this leather type; Leather Soft Cleaner Ė (A-Aniline / Non-Coated) (P-Protected / Coated) Leather Soft Cleaner is a mild, water-based cleaner that will not affect the Leatherís original properties or finish. It is designed to remove most soiling as well as water-based stains. Leather Soft Cleaner is solvent free and works without removing the finish or harming the Leather.

Protecting Leather
A leather protection product (Leather Master Leather Protection (A-Aniline / Non-Coated) (P-Protected / Coated)) is essential as it will protect the surface finish and makes dirt easier to clean off. The latest technology leather upholstery does not make the interior "maintenance free," as some car dealerships imply.
Protection is an essential element in leather care, inhibiting abrasive dirt / grit, brought in from the outside via the A/C system and stains from being absorbed. Its primary purpose is to act as a barrier between the leather surface and any soils that may settle on it, making maintenance cleaning easier. ""

The water test I preformed on my back seat reveled beading with no visible absorption after 60 seconds, and, if Iím doing the nail test correctly, it does not show a different color. Does this rule out it being Aniline leather? Perhaps it might be the hybrid, that has the coating also?
I live in Arizona where UV and dry air are potential killers to leather. My concerns are fading, drying and degradation of the leather. So, my question is, if it was your car here in the desert what would you use to clean and protect the leather? Any specific recommendations regarding my high UV exposure? I know that the 303 Products Aerospace Protectant is highly regarded. Is that an option on this type of leather and what are the draw backs?
In addition to the leather in the interior, what would you recommend for cleaning and protecting the artificial surfaces like the dash? Especially in my high UV environment. Arizona like Florida is a state where some people actually protect their dash with carpet covers. I prefer to use good tinting and a front windshield shade.

Thanks in advance, and sorry for such a long post
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