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I am in Silver Spring, MD. I am going to Bimmerfest as well! I was thinking about bringing my 318i (I love that car to death). The 318i is my first BMW I ever did a full maintenance and bushing/shocks refresh on using just the Bentley Manual and So it has a soft spot with me.

Damnit... I been bit by the E36 bug. First the 96 318i, then the M3, and now this (provided all goes well). I swore I never would get bit, but I'm a lost cause now. I guess I will sell the Subaru Legacy Wagon. She is my old faithful with nearly 300K on it and still looks showroom clean.

So now the question is, how can I find out what number this car is, out of the 150 produced? And how many is left? I know you could find that stuff on a lot of the Porsche registry pages 7 days a week, all day Sunday, but does BMW have a similar thing?
According to that BMW CCA forum you can just call BMW and they can look it up for you. Not sure if they were numbered or not though.

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