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Originally Posted by BashedBarrique View Post
I just bought a 2006 325i advertised on line. It had body damage including a smashed out sunroof. I got it cheap with a salvage title. The interior was a little wet and dank smelling.

The car had been sitting for some time and had to be jump started. After letting it idle for ten minutes or so to charge the battery, I gave the car an extensive test drive, and a thorough mechanical inspection.

I also called and talked to the previous owner before buying it. She said that a large branch had fallen on the car during a thunderstorm and knocked out the glass of the sunroof allowing rain to get in. She had struggled to put trash bags over it but the interior still got wet. She said the car was otherwise in perfect shape having just received a new BWM battery and brake service shortly before it's unfortunate meeting with the falling branch.

The car was declared a total loss by her insurance, which surprised her (and me). As I said I gave the car an extended test drive (over twenty five miles and nearly an hour) and it ran great showing no problems of any kind other than the dank smelling interior and the aforementioned body damage, which is not of a structural nature and I am certain I can fix.

I bought the car and drove off with my sister trailing me in her car. The car had very little gas left in the tank and the trip computer began to count down the miles until empty. The dealer was out in the country and the nearest gas station was about 20 miles away. I made it to the gas station with 5 miles to empty showing on the trip computer.

Everything was great for about another five miles when BLAMMO! The engine stalled and the car coasted to a stop. It will crank normally but shows no sign at all of firing. I let the car sit for an hour and tried to start it again. It still just cranked. After some cajoling and threatening the dealer sent a mechanic to check the car out.

He claimed that the car had no pressure at the Schrader valve on the fuel rail and that perhaps I had gotten some bad gas or that I had sucked some debris out of the bottom of the tank when I ran it so close to empty.

I had to leave the car at a good Samaritan's house and drive the 500 miles back to my home in Indiana with my sister.

I came back with my F-150 and a flat bed trailer to get the car three days later.

I have fully charged the battery and the car still just cranks. I haven't had time to check anything yet but it didn't display any warning lights before dying and now it just shows a red car on a lift and says SERVICE in the little window on the dash when I push the start button.

I am an experienced amateur mechanic with many years experience but this is my first BMW. (Not a very impressive start I might add.) The 2002 F-150 I pulled the 325i back with has an engine I rebuilt among other systems I have repaired, to name just one vehicle I have brought back from the dead.

I'm excited to get started on the Bimmer but thought I'd ask advise from some folks that have worked on them, before I jumped in. Anyone have any idea of what the problem might be or where to start looking?

Yeah. Start at a BMW coding forum.

Wonder if you're aware of how complicated these vehicles are - like government, the computer has its fingers into everything....
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